Green cremation service introduced to Ontario

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A new wave of environmentally friendly body disposal may eventually flow to Niagara.

Five years ago, Niagara funeral home owner Ernie Morgan got a first-hand account of that body disposition method known as resomation.

At the facility in St. Petersburg, Fla., Morgan met with the director of Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes — one of its pioneers in the U.S.

“There, we learned it’s more hands-on than traditional cremation,” says Morgan, who runs Morse & Son Funeral home in Niagara Falls and Morgan Funeral Home in Niagara-on-the-Lake. “Everything has to be removed from the body, and a pure cotton material has to be wrapped around it.”

The process — also known as “alkaline-hydrolosis” — disintegrates bodies into a liquid using an alkaline solution. The thoroughly-filtered coffee-coloured material is then put into a sewer system.

Remaining bone and solid matter is reduced using a flame-free method into a white powder that’s returned to loved ones.

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