1. _VEN2974When choosing a monument, keep in mind that each cemetery has specific rules and regulations.  These regulations specify the height, width, shape and design for the monuments allowed.  You should be well aware of these restrictions prior to ordering your monument.
  2. Price does not include installation, foundation, setting fees or taxes, where applicable.
  3. When installing a monument at home or cottage, please be aware of underground utilities.  “Call before you dig” is a good policy.
  4. Powder coating is a high grade finish and meets the high quality standard set by the AAMA – 2604 durability specifications. Please note: Placing adornments on the monument (i.e. artificial flower arrangements) may diminish the quality of the finish.
  5. Free Shipping in Canada, for International shipping, please contact us for reasonable rates. Please allow for 4-6 weeks delivery.