Space funerals: A surefire way to get to heaven

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Everyone hopes they will go to heaven and reach some type of nirvana in the afterlife. Now that uncertainty no longer needs to be left to chance. Thanks to space pioneers such as Celestis and Elysium Space, space funerals are an option for those looking for a resting place way beyond Earth.

Celestis, a subsidiary of Houston-based aerospace company Space Services, offers an array of options for those who want to launch human remains in space. And these voyages range in price, depending on how far in the celestial heavens you want to go.

Its most popular services, which place remains into payloads on third-party commercial rockets, are Earth Rise, where cremated remains are transported suborbitally for a cost of $1,295 and returned to Earth; and Earth Orbit, where remains travel around the Earth and then released into space for a fee of $4,995. It also plans to offer a DNA service for those who don’t choose cremation next year. The company will take a person’s DNA sample and bond it with a silica-type agent to create a fillable capsule that can be transported into space.

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